Queen Anne Apartments

Vacancy Status

September 21st, 2023

Presently, we have no vacancies.  Please do keep us in mind if you are searching for a great neighborhood in which to live!!  We’ll usually post vacancies here and elsewhere on the web, ex. Craigslist. Thanks for visiting our site!

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Queen Anne Neighborhood Stats

Queen Anne Apartments are centrally located! Within easy walking distance, you’ll find places to have a beer, sip a fine wine, drink a cup of coffee, go for a swim, get your haircut, take your child(ren) to school, take your pet to the vet, get a good workout, or maintain your tan. If you’re a UDUB student, you will enjoy the fact that the University is within easy striking distance of Queen Anne Apartments. If you’re training for a half marathon, you’ll find it close enough for a good jog (only 3.7 miles), and if you’re expecting out-of-town guests you’ll be happy to know that the airport isn’t too far away either. If all of this sounds just too good to be true, schedule a tour with us here.

Places to Eat, Drink & Sip

Living Essentials & Conveniences

Education & Childcare